Rocking The Boat - KISS To Perform For Great Whites Off The South Australian Coast

Iconic rock band KISS will play an exclusive 'underwater' concert on board a shark diving boat off the South Australian coast in November.

Having played nearly every corner of the Earth in a nearly 50-year career, the rock band KISS is taking its show to a new place - under the sea, where they will perform for great white sharks and just lucky eight fans.

As part of a promotion by Airbnb, the fans and KISS will travel out to sea off Port Lincoln on November 18.  While KISS stays above board on one vessel, the fans will be lowered beneath the surface of the water from a second boat into the viewing sub in an area known for shark activity.

Using underwater speakers, KISS will begin playing, and the sound will be audible to the submerged fans and the sharks.

Just eight fans will experience the underwater concert off the coast of Port Lincoln. Image: Getty

“I was a little taken aback by it, but they explained that sharks are attracted to low frequencies and so they’re attracted to rock ‘n’ roll,” said KISS singer and guitarist Paul Stanley.

“Since we’re going to be in Australia, it gives a whole new meaning to doing a concert down under.”

“I’m not sure how much of us the sharks can take,” Stanley said.

“I’m hoping they know ‘Rock And Roll All Nite.’”

Stanley said KISS bassist Gene Simmons has recovered after having some kidney stones removed recently, and should be ready to perform well before the shark show.

The event is part of Airbnb Animal Experiences, and is designed to have people entertain animals instead of the other way around, the company said in a news release.

The first-come, first-served event costs just $74. You can find details via Airbnb. Tickets go on sale October 14.