UN Asks Australia To Release Tamil Family From Christmas Island

The United Nations has asked Australia to release a Tamil family fighting deportation from detention.

Lawyers for the Sri Lankan parents Priya and Nadesalingam and their Australian-born daughters Kopika, four, and Tharunicaa, two, were on Wednesday advised the UN had granted interim measures.

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The UN has requested that the Australian Government's Department of Immigration release the family into community detention or find another way to end their existing detention within 30 days.

Image: AAP

An application was made to the Human Rights Committee on September 27 under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on behalf of Tharunicaa.

The family is being held on Christmas Island while their case is heard in the Federal Court.

"I welcome the UN's assessment that detention is no place for children. And I would hope that the Australian Government would honour their international human rights obligations," family friend Angela Fredericks said in a statement.