Get Your Fans Ready, The First Real Taste Of Summer Is On The Way

Prepare your fan or aircon because the first real scorcher of the season is on the way.

South Australia and NSW are expected to cop the brunt of the unusual, summerlike weather this long weekend.

South Australia

Adelaide is forecast to hit 31 degrees on Friday and then 33C on Sunday, but that's nothing compared to what the state's west is forecast to endure.

The mercury is tipped to rise to a scorching 43 degrees in Oak Valley, north of the Nullarbor Plain on Thursday, followed by a sticky 44 the following day.

The good news is, a cool change is expected on Sunday, with Adelaide's high to reach just 20 degrees.

Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

New South Wales

While the forecast is slightly more bearable for much of NSW, the north-west of the state will cop temperatures in the mid-thirties come the end of the working week.

Sydneysiders might want to think about heading for the coast, with Penrith in the west tipped to reach 31 degrees on Thursday followed by 34 on Friday before a welcome cool change hits on Saturday.

Sydney's CBD meanwhile, will reach its peak on Friday, with tops of 29 before the cooler air sweeps through.

In good news for footy fans, the weather will get warmer again -- but not too warm -- just in time for the NRL Grand Final on Sunday.

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Why is it so goddamn hot so early?

Grace Legge, a senior meteorologist from the weather bureau, said that while high temperatures are expected in October/November, "it's unseasonable that it is so early".

"The hot air has been building over Western Australia's north which in places like Marble Bar have hit 40 degrees plus for a number of days," she told 10 daily.

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"Northerly winds [are expected to] drag the hot air down into the southern parts and through to the east bringing the high temperatures".

Which explains why South Australia is so much hotter than much of the country.

Legge explained that such systems are often followed by a cool change, as expected over the coming days, and that while temperatures might seem high, she is confident they won't break October records.

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Where to go to stay cool?


While the west coast just endured its hottest September on record, with temperatures lingering more than 2C above average, it has been handed a reprieve.. for now.

The warmest it will be all week will be 25 degrees on Thursday, other than that you're looking at 20C.

Temperatures in Brisbane will be reasonably mild, lingering in the mid to high twenties for much of the week, with it's the warmest day to be Saturday, with tops of 31.

Melbourne weather in the meantime will be very... Melbourne. Seesawing from high teens to mid-twenties for the rest of the week.