Giant 'Jelly-like' Slinky Found Floating On Great Barrier Reef

A bizarre 2-metre giant pink 'slinky' has been filmed floating in the waters off Cape Tribulation - but what is it?

It turns out the strange jelly like sea formation is actually about 40,000 Diamondback Squid eggs.

Footage of the amazing floating eggs was uploaded by eco-tour operator Ocean Safari.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park says instances like this are quite common in tropical waters across the globe, however, it's rare to capture them on camera.

James Cook University's squid expert, Dr Blake Spady, told the ABC the squids mostly attach their eggs to seagrass.

He said the slinky-like structure would feel 'gelatinous'.

The Diamondback Squid can grow up to 2m and weigh as much as 20kg. Image: Queensland Museum

The incredible sight of the egg mass is actually rather grim as it marks the death of its parents.

Squid are known to have one mating event in their lifetime, males die not long afterwards and the mother's life ends once her eggs are laid.

Once hatched, the main body of the Diamondback Squid can reach one metre and with tentacle length combined, the entire animal may be up to two metres in length.

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