Gunman Shot Dead In Rampage Identified As Bodybuilder Daniel King

The gunman who opened fire on two police stations and a home in western Sydney has been identified as 32-year-old Daniel King.

Armed with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, King allegedly arrived at Stacey Taylor’s Marayong home at about 8.30 pm and peppered the entrance with bullets.

“I heard a massive bang that startled me out of my sleep… and I heard another bang seconds later,” Taylor, who is the mother of King’s unborn baby, told 10 News First on Thursday.

“I’ve gone to my bedroom window, looked outside and I’ve seen Daniel at the bottom of my driveway and he was shooting a shotgun towards my house,” she said.

Stacey Taylor and her mother Mandy in the wake of the shooting. Photo: Supplied.

Taylor’s three children, mother and father were also in the house at the time.

While the bullets shattered the front windows and pierced the door frame, no one was injured.

Now 27-weeks, Taylor said that King had sent her a string of threatening messages when he found out about the pregnancy.

"He wasn't very happy about me being pregnant," she said. "I had threats for about three weeks which I told police about but nobody did anything about it".

In the hours since the shooting, chilling text messages were released, suggesting King may have paid a hitman, "to have her stomped".

Taylor said she had known King since she was seven years old and while she knew he was "depressed and down," she "didn't think he was capable of doing those types of things".

Daniel King was shot dead during a shoot out with police. Photo: Instagram

After fleeing the property, King is believed to have travelled 15 kilometres to St Mary's Police Station where he fired a number of bullets into the building.

He then drove further west to Penrith Police Station where he opened fire at officers, leaving a constable with pellet wounds to the back of the head.

Footage taken from the dance studio opposite shows a gunman, wearing a dark shirt and pants, holding the shotgun.

The woman filming, who was evidently rattled, could be heard saying "oh my God, oh my God," as a second yelled that he was "shooting the f***ing police".

A number of shots rang out and the man collapsed to the ground.

The moment before the man was allegedly shot. Image: Facebook

Among the witnesses was Mick Lumptin, who was hosting a trivia night at the Australian Arms Hotel when the violence broke out.

"A police car came around the corner, they've asked him to put down the weapon and then just fired away about 15 shots," he told 10 News First. “And then we just saw him being dragged into the police station... at that point we sort of realised things weren’t good for him”.

"It's one of those things, it's surreal, you just don't expect it here of all places," he said.

While just one officer was taken to hospital, several others were treated for "minor non gunshot-related injuries".

NSW Police have opened a Critical Incident Investigation. Both police stations have been closed until further notice.