'We Swim Now?' Tourist's Casual Response To Parachute Rope Snapping Mid-Air

A tourist paragliding in Turkey was seemingly unfazed as she and her pilot plunged into the sea after their parachute rope snapped.

Heart-stopping video shows paragliding pilot Tulgay Ozden and a 70-year-old Danish tourist plunging into the sea after they were forced to deploy an emergency parachute on Friday September 27.

The first-time paragliding tourist is seen smiling and laughing as the two glide over the coastal resort town of Alanya on the Turkish coastline.

The pilot even asks her, "Do you want to swim?"

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After deploying an emergency parachute, they both plunge into the sea. Photo: ENGAIR TANDEM PARAGLIDING

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They soon run into trouble when the main rope of their parachute snaps mid-air.

Ozden said the tourist remained calm during the incident and followed his instructions as he steered them into the sea.

Seemingly remembering the pilot's earlier question, she says "We swim now?"

Ozden replies, "yeah" and the two plunge into the sea. Both were unharmed.

The video was recovered two days after the incident and posted online by ENGair Tandem Paragliding agency. The pilot said the incident will be shown to would-be pilots at training courses.

Ozden said the Danish tourist vowed to come back next year for more paragliding.