Young Magpie Set On Fire In Barbaric Act Of Animal Cruelty

A young magpie has allegedly been captured and set on fire in suburban streets at Alexandra Headland on the Sunshine Coast.

A local woman returned home from work to find the severely injured bird left for dead.

"What sort of low-life scum would do this?" Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast posted to Facebook on Saturday, alongside photos of the attacked bird.

The magpie is believed to be well known by locals, often swooping pedestrians, and had been noticed missing for a number of days.

Upon being taken to the zoo hospital, a vet declared one of its wings too severely burnt for recovery and the magpie was euthanised.

Some commenters on Facebook have suggested the bird may have been electrocuted by power lines, however this theory has been dismissed as it would likely have resulted in instant death.

“The burning to the bird was mainly wings and tail. For that amount of burning to occur it would have had to have been in contact with a direct source for a significant period of time,” Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast told Yahoo news.

"Someone needs to be held accountable for this barbaric act," the rescue service posted to Facebook. "If anyone knows anything about this incident please message us."

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