Huge Oil Tanker Explosion Caught In Stunning Video, 10 People Injured

The moment a fire spread across two oil tankers, injuring 10 people on Saturday, was captured in a dramatic footage exclusively obtained by Reuters.

In the video filmed from a car's rear-view cam in South Korea, at least two cars can be seen crossing a nearby bridge at the time of the explosion and narrowly missing the rising flames.

Explosion on oil tankers is seen from a bridge, at a port in Ulsan, South Korea, September 28, 2019 in this still image obtained from social media video. JO YOUNG MO/via REUTERS

The footage correlates with a number of other videos uploaded across other social media accounts showing the same burst of flames and clouds of smoke in the same location.

The explosion occurred on the Stolt Groenland, a 25,000-tonne, Cayman Island-flagged oil tanker, at the southern port of Ulsan at around 10:50 a.m. , a coastguard official said.

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There were 25 sailors aboard, including Russians and Filipinos.

The fire spread to another oil tanker docked nearby, the nine thousand-tonne, South Korean-flagged Bow Dalian, with 21 aboard, he said.

All of the sailors on both ships were rescued, but 10 people, most of whom were workers at the terminal, have been injured so far, a fire official told Reuters. Nine of them were South Korean, including one in a critical condition, and the other was from India.