'I Wanted To See More Boobs': Disgraced Chiropractor On Why He Secretly Filmed Patients

A former Adelaide chiropractor who filmed hundreds of patients while they undressed has given evidence about the lengths he went to record his victims.

Peter Snodgrass, 52, installed a hidden camera in a change room at his practice in Adelaide's north east to film his female victims, some as young as 11.

He’s pleaded guilty to 216 charges, including indecent filming, producing child exploitation material, and sexual assault, committed over a five year period.

Former chiropractor Peter Snodgrass secretly recorded around 400 women and girls while they undressed. Image: 10 News First

On Friday, Snodgrass took the stand, and offered his reasoning behind the offending - including how he'd regularly seen prostitutes to cope with the death of his wife.

"I was watching a lot of porn and I guess I wanted to see more boobs," he said.

The father of three outlined how he purchased a clock with a hidden camera, and it set up at chest height in a room patients used to change before x-ray procedures.

He also gave evidence about how he saved the vision on a hard drive labelling the clips with degrading descriptions, including physical descriptions of young girls.

Snodgrass also filmed some of his sexual partners without their consent. When asked why, he said he didn’t ask their permission because he “thought they’d say no” and said he did it because “I guess I wanted to see it again”.

Snodgrass, a father of three, filmed girls as young as 11. Image: 10 News First

Some of his former clients and victims were in court to describe how his crimes have impacted them.

"I am a very responsible, thoughtful, caring person, and I assumed other people were the same," one woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told 10 News First.

"It's almost as if he finds it almost amusing, going through things, and not taking accountability for any of his actions.

"Life will never be the same for me."

Snodgrass will be sentenced at a later date.

Feature image: 10 News First

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