Huge Red-Bellied Black Snake Found In Suburban Brissie

A terrifying 1.8m Red-Bellied Black Snake was captured Tuesday morning at Belmont in Brisbane's east.

The warmer weather has well and truly kicked off snake breeding season, with Snake Catchers Brisbane being called out to the Belmont Rifle Range after the large snake was found next to one of their buildings.

"It was a solid built animal," snake catcher Bryce Lockett told 10 daily. However, despite their appearance the breed is quite shy: "They're generally a very placid snake, they aren't really defensive."

The Red-Bellied Black snake is one of the more frequently encountered snakes on Australia's east coast and while the snake is less venemous than other Australian varieties urgent medical attention should still be sought if bitten, with particular health risk to children and pets.

"During breeding season male snakes tend to travel some distance looking for a mate... We're being called out to a lot of carpet pythons fighting in people's roof cavities," Lockett said.

At the start of the month a Brisbane family returned home to a note on their car warning them not to drive it after a snake had been spotted crawling underneath. Snake catchers subsequently found a snake crawled up behind the car's engine.

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The snake was found crawled up at the back of the car's engine. PIC Snake Catchers Brisbane.

However, not all snakes seem to be enjoying the heat. In January a deadly Tiger Snake was filmed being removed from a Victorian family's air conditioning system. It took 30 minutes to remove the snake from the system before it could be relocated.

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Tiger Snake removed from an air conditioning system in Little River, Victoria.

Of course, where would a story about snakes be without a Snakes On A Plane reference? In February a spotted python was reported to have crawled into a tourist's shoe while she was holidaying in Mackay and remained undetected until she returned home to Glasgow, Scotland.

Yep, around 24 hours in the sky, across at least three different aircraft, this spotted python comfortably rested inside a shoe nestled in the woman's luggage and traveled to the other side of the world.

The snake was quarantined with plans for it to be adopted by the Glasgow Zoo.

Snake In Shoe
We had no idea snakes wore shoes. Image Credit: Paul Airlie

If you spot a slithering friend in your backyard, Lockett recommends you keep an eye on it, keep pets and children away and call your local snake catcher.

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