Americans Just Found Out About Spaghetti Jaffles And They Are Disgusted

While a baked bean or tinned spaghetti jaffle might be a staple here in Australia, the toastie has sparked outrage among many of our American friends.

The debate was launched by Aussie gamer Amber Wadham, who innocently asked her 110 thousand Twitter followers what they prefer: "spaghet or bean?"

"It’s a great Australian debate," she posted.

And while it certainly is one of the great debates Downunder, it has turned into an international argument.

While Wadham's Aussie followers shared a friendly debate over their jaffle filling preference, surprisingly -- or not -- the snack was met with shock, disgust and uncertainty from thousands of others around the world, many of which were American.

"Kindly set this on fire and never speak of it again," one user said.

"Amber, I mean this so kindly. What. In the f**k," said a second. While a third said they were "scared of Australia".

Their sentiments echoed by many:

Some Brits got involved in the debate, but their suggestions were nuts.

Take the pie-in-a-sandwich option for example:

By the looks of things, this "strange", "f***ed up," snack is likely to remain an Australian delicacy.

If you haven't tried it, do it. Make sure you butter the outside and put it in a jaffle maker, not a sandwich press, and add cheese if you've got it.

Tinned spaghetti is the winner -- by far.

Trust us.