Australian Jock Palfreeman's Release From Bulgarian Prison Could Be Blocked

The unexpected release of Sydney private school alumni Jock Palfreeman from Bulgarian prison could be blocked if the country's chief prosecutor gets his way.

Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov has asked the country's highest court to revoke the parole a lower court granted to Palfreeman who was convicted of fatally stabbing a Bulgarian student during a 2007 brawl.

Palfreeman had served 11 years of his 20-year prison sentence when a three-judge Court of Appeals panel unexpectedly ordered him freed on Thursday.

Bulgarian police officers escort Australian citizen Jock Palfreeman, centre, after his trial, at Sofia Appeal Court, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2010. Image: AP

The 32-year-old left prison the same day but was transferred to an immigration detention facility to await a new passport from the nearest Australian embassy which is in Athens.

Prosecutor-General Tsatsarov on Tuesday petitioned Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation to suspend Palfreeman's parole and review the panel's ruling.

May 2012: Then-25-year-old Australian man Jock Palfreeman in the schoolroom at the Sofia Central Prison in Sofia, Bulgaria. Image: AAP

Palfreeman's lawyer, Kalin Angelov, called the prosecutor's appeal "absurd".

He said he has advised Australian authorities to speed up the passport and put Palfreeman on a plane home.