Man Arrested After Woman Found Dead In Luxury Home

A 21-year-old man has been arrested over the death of Kim Chau, 39, whose body was found in a luxury home in Adelaide's CBD.

Police say Chau knew her attacker.

The accused man was arrested at a crisis accommodation centre in the city.  It's understood he previously lived at the home where Chau's body was discovered on Monday night.

Kim Chau was found dead on Monday night. Image: 10 News First

Chau was last seen alive about 11.30pm last Thursday. She was reported missing on Sunday after missing  social events, and failing to turn up for her shift at a restaurant at Adelaide Airport.

Police believe she was killed on Friday night at the Sturt Street home.

"The body had been concealed. So anybody going about daily activities in the house, walking through the house, going into rooms, wouldn't have seen the victim," Detective Superintendent Des Bray said on Tuesday.

Police say Chau knew her alleged killer. Image: 10 News First

The property is owned by two senior government bureaucrats, however police stress they are not considered suspects in her death in any way.

"The victim appears to be a close friend who occupied one of the rooms, and they're all well known to one another," Detective Superintendent Bray said.

"There's not the slightest thing to indicate anything untoward by the owners. They're probably just as shocked as everybody."

The house where Chau lived, and where her body was found. Image: 10 News First

The victim's car, a silver BMW, was found about one kilometre from the scene on Tuesday, in the carpark of a city pizza shop.

Police arrested Chau's alleged killer on Tuesday afternoon, and expect to charge him with murder. They are not looking for any other suspects.

"I think, from the very little I know, she's led a blameless life and she's a victim of just a horrible crime," Detective Superintendent Bray said.

The accused man will face court tomorrow.

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