Family Left Shocked After Dry Shampoo Blows Off Sunroof

A family couldn't figure out what caused the damage to their car until they found a can 15 metres away.

A teen's Honda Civic has been destroyed after a can of dry shampoo exploded through the roof of the car in Missouri California.

Teen's Car Destroyed After Aerosol Can Of Dry Shampoo Explodes. Image: Christine Bader Debrecht

Mother, Christine Bader Debrecht said she was 'shocked' and didn't know what had happened when she first saw the car in that state.

She then realised the powder splattered all over the car was dry shampoo and 15 metres away she found the can that was missing the bottom piece.

A mother is warning others about leaving certain beauty products in hot cars after a bottle of dry shampoo exploded in her daughter's car. Image: Christine Bader Debrecht

Debrecht said the explosion was so powerful it blew the console cover off the hinges.

“It blew the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof and went high enough in the air that it landed about 15 meters”.

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Debrecht told CBS: "It looked like a tornado hit the inside of the car".

She is relieved her 19-year-old wasn't in the car at the time when the explosion occurred but wants to warn others not to leave aerosol cans in hot cars.

She took to social media to address her concerns.