The Best Truth Bomb Signs From Australia's Climate Strike

Hundreds of thousands of Australian school students have left their classrooms protesting inaction on climate change, and the generation who grew up on memes haven't disappointed with how they got their message across.

Inspired by Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, the Global Climate Strike is taking place over the next seven days across 150 countries. The strikes kicked off in Australia on Friday and saw hundreds of thousands of school students and their supporters leave the classroom (and workplaces) to protest around the country.

While detractors claimed school students should be learning in classrooms not taking on adult issues, this group of millennials took the internet humour they've grown up with to the streets of Australia and made it very clear they aren't waiting for serious climate action any longer.

Here's the best protest signs we saw at today's climate protests.

Just in case anyone wanted to tell these students to get back to school...

Image thanks to AAP
Image thanks to AAP

Things were weirdly romantic at times

Image thanks to AAP

Memes were printed

Some absolute top shelf pop-culture references were made

They can't vote, but they sure know who a lot about the Prime Minister
Image thanks to AAP
Image thanks to AAP

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