Kittens And Mother Cat Found Dumped On Railway Tracks

Train drivers have found five kittens and their mother dumped in a zipped up bag on railway tracks in North Queensland.

Shocked cane train drivers made the discovery Monday morning before delivering them to Burdekin Veterinary Services.

“This is a disgusting act of animal cruelty!” the veterinary clinic wrote on Facebook, “If you recognise this bag or the cat please call the RSPCA or the clinic. If we find you, we will report you!”

The kittens are believed to be just two weeks old.

“The mother cat and kittens are in really good condition. They have definitely been loved, so it is very sad that they have been dumped,” Vet Emily Pucciarmati told The Townsville Bulletin.

“Dumping animals is not seen regularly but it is a big deal.”

The cats were found dumped in a zipped up bag on the train tracks. PIC: Burdekin Veterinary Services

Despite the regional location many local pet rescues exist in the area to take on and re-home unwanted animals. Pucciarmati urges pet owners considering dumping their pets to talk to them or the local council to get help.

The Burdekin Shire council has a subsidised de-sexing program to assist owners of cats experiencing financial difficulties who wish to have their pet de-sexed.

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