We Went To The Open For Inspection Of Adelaide's 'Haunted' Mansion

It's being pitched by real estate agents as unforgettable -- and they're not wrong.

It boasts five bedrooms, a swimming pool and two kitchens... oh, and a cellar full of dolls that would fit right in on the set of a horror movie.

The dining room. Photo: Toop & Toop

The 160 year old Magill house, on Melory Crescent in Adelaide's east, isn't short on character.

For Chris Pannell, it's been home for most of his life -- dolls included.

The cellar is home to a collection of handmade dolls and other spooky paraphernalia. Photo: Toop & Toop

"That's my warped mother's sense of humour," he told 10 daily at an open inspection on Wednesday.

"She used to make scary stuff for all of us kids, for parties and stuff."

The spooky theme is carried right throughout the home, with skulls and zombies poking out from bedrooms to dining rooms. The real estate ad listing warns "brave people only, leave the kids at home or keep them supervised."

"It's all just a bit of fun," said Pannell.

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He's sad to see his family home go up for sale, but hopes the next buyer will treasure the mansion's little quirks.

Whoever moves in will have to have deep pockets. Agent for Toop & Toop, Bronte Manuel, estimates the property could sell for up to $1.5 million.

The ad has already had over two million views on since it was listed last Friday. To put that in perspective, Manuel says most homes are viewed around 5000 times over several weeks.

"Toop is getting some really weird enquiries now... one guy said, 'I'm a millionaire and I'm nearing the end of my life - can I be buried in the cellar?'" the agent said.

The large cellar could be mistaken for the set of a horror movie. Photo: Toop & Toop

The house will go under hammer on September 25.

You can see the full listing here.

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Feature image: Toop & Toop

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