Grandfather Fights Off Home Invaders With Machete

An Adelaide man has told how he scared off two men who smashed their way into his home in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Richard Gorka, 69, was woken just before 2am by two men trying to force their way in the front door of his Park Holme house, in Adelaide's south.

"They started breaking the door down," Richard Gorka told 10 News First on Wednesday.

"So I shut the front door on them and ran to the phone, and called triple zero."

Gorka says the pair picked up a stool and tried to use it as a weapon, so he grabbed his machete to defend himself.

"I just kept going at them with the machete. They had a car waiting for them out the front."

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The grandfather says the incident wasn't random.

"I know the people, I recognised one of them," he said.

"They were after some medication, they know I've got some painkillers here."

Security cameras from a nearby home show the alleged home invaders making off in a white Holden Commodore.

CCTV of the alleged getaway car. Image: 10 News First

Police are investigating the incident.

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Feature image: 10 News First

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