WATCH: Video Of Toddlers Running To Each Other On Street Goes Viral

 A video of two adorable toddler best friends greeting each other with a huge hug is trending all across social media.

The video shows Maxwell and Finnegan, both just two years old, running and hugging each other.

CBSN New York’s John Dias spoke to Michael Cisneros, one of Maxwell’s dads.

He says less than a week ago in Washington Heights, the two best friends spotted each other after their parents picked them up from daycare. None of it was planned at all.

Cisneros says Maxwell and Finnegan do this every time they see each other, but he just happened to catch it on camera this time.

The video has been seen and shared thousands of times online, grabbing the world’s attention.

"I have no idea how to make things go viral, for those that do......please share". Image: Facebook - Michael D Cisneros2

“Honestly, I think it has gotten so big because of the race issue in our country and also around the world. Racism is taught. Hatred is taught. These two boys don’t see anything different within each other. They love each other for who they are and that’s exactly how it should be,” Cisneros said. “We just want to raise loving, caring boys, and I think the world likes to see a little bit of hope.”

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Cisneros says if the boys aren’t hugging, they’re holding hands.

The two families met in a restaurant in Washington Heights about a year ago. The toddlers’ parents got to talking and realized their two boys were only six weeks apart. At first, their friendship was forced upon them, but as they grew, that was far from the case.

The toddlers now celebrate their birthdays together. They go swimming together and love to dance. Right now, their favorite thing to do is watch “The Lion King.”