West Australian Drivers Could Soon Be Paying Double For Speeding Fines

West Australian drivers could soon be charged double for speeding fines after a state government investigation found motorists in other states were paying more for similar penalties.

Traffic fines in WA are below the national average, a recent review of the Road Traffic Code found.

“You need to maintain an appropriate level of deterrence," Acting Road Safety Commissioner Simon Grieve told 10 News First on Friday.

Image: AAP

“We’re lagging well behind other states, which mean the level of deterrence isn’t there compared to other jurisdictions.”

For minor speeding offences, motorists could soon be paying double.

“Low-level speeding offences for example… we’ve recommended increases of around 50 percent,” Grieve said.

The review has recommended fines for speeding 9 to 19 km/ph be $300, and 19 to 29 km/ph, $500. This marks a $100 increase for both.

The fine for speeding 29 to 40 km/ph over the limit would increase by $200 to $1000.

Grieve assured the public the recommendations are more about “road safety incomes, rather than the dollar amount.”

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“What we would hope is that you have a higher penalty, people would reconsider their behaviour and be less likely to speed, and if they continue to do so, there will be a higher penalty.”

If the proposed changes are approved WA will go from having one of the lowest penalties in Australia to the fourth-highest.

Grieve said Road Safety has made 21 recommendations covering over 140 offence penalties which the State Government will now consider.

Road Safety was not able to say when the proposed new penalties would come into effect, and said the recommendations are now in the hands of state government to review.