'Sh*t, Take Cover!' Whirlwind Demolishes Chicken Coop, Sends Metal Flying

A family has been left shaken and a turkey lucky to be alive after a whirlwind ripped through a property in NSW's central west.

Annie Thompson was in the kitchen of her Cowra home with her husband on Sunday afternoon when they noticed the pigs running for shelter.

Her husband raced out the back to see a giant willy-willy heading straight towards their chicken coop.

Footage shows the dust storm picking up the chicken coop and flattening it against a fence, sending sheets of metal flying in all directions.

The whirlwind headed straight for the chicken coop. Photo: Supplied

"Sh**! Isabelle take cover!" can be heard from behind the camera as the girl runs towards the house.

Thompson told 10 daily there was a turkey nesting inside when the shed was picked up and destroyed, while Isabelle, 15, had just been in to check on the bird just minutes before.

Both managed to escape injury, but unfortunately, none of the eggs survived the vicious whirlwind

Sheets of metal were flung in all directions Photo: Supplied

"Surprisingly [the turkey] managed to survive and thankfully my daughter wasn't still in there," Thompson said. "Another five minutes and it could have been a different story".

"She wasn't shaken up by I definitely was".

While smaller willy-willy's are common in the area, Thompson said she had only ever seen one other on the property that large and powerful.

"The first one picked up the play equipment and then just spat it out," she said, explaining that it too couldn't be salvaged.

There was nothing left of the chicken coup that normally houses 15-20 hens. Photo: Supplied

The destruction comes after a devastatingly dry winter that saw every part of the Central West receive less than half of its average winter rainfall.

According to the weather bureau's spring outlook, the drier conditions are likely to stay with an 80 percent chance of below-average rainfall heading into summer.

"This is just another thing drought-stricken central west NSW has to deal with," Thompson said.