Customer Sues Chicken Shop Because Their Burgers Were Sold Out

A popular fast-food joint is being sued for "false advertising" and "deceptive business practices" because a popular burger sold out before a man could buy one.

A man has filed a civil suit against Popeyes Chicken because the U.S. fast-food chain has sold out of its new chicken sandwiches.

East Ridge, Tennessee man Craig Barr is suing Popeyes Chicken for "false advertising" and "deceptive business practices by entity to the public".

Barr said he had "countless time wasted" making repeated trips to and from his local Popeyes for their new sandwich, only to find there were none left.

Popeyes has said the chicken sandwiches -- which became a must-have item after a social media blitz and sold out in less than a month -- will be back "as soon as possible".

Barr claimed he answered a "black list" Craigslist ad that promised a Popeyes worker would "stash" sandwiches and sell them to customers for $35. He said the alleged employee took his money, but never delivered the goods.

Barr has asked for $5,000 USD ($7,420 AUD) in compensation and was assigned a court date late next month.

The civil summons against Popeyes Chicken from Craig Barr. Image: WTVC

Popeyes' claim that they have run out of chicken sandwiches comes at a time when American chicken companies are forecast to process a record 43.3 billion pounds of the meat in 2019, according to Bloomberg.

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The sandwich -- which comes on a Brioche bun with special sauce and pickles -- was introduced in early August, but went viral last week due to a Twitter 'feud' with another fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A, last week.

Social media users then participated in spirited debates over their favourite chicken sandwiches, with other restaurants like Wendys joining in.

The overwhelming popularity of Popeyes' offering lead to hysteria at their locations across the country, with people lining up to try the sandwich.

One North Carolina teen went viral when he took advantage of the long line of people at his local Popeyes, registering them to vote. His efforts caught the attention of numerous celebrities, including former President Obama.

While McDonalds has remained quiet during the online chicken sandwich debate, their customers have proudly extolled the virtues of the McChicken.