Man Brutally 'Smashes Cat' In Plastic Bag

The RSPCA is calling for witnesses and dashcam footage of a disturbing case of animal cruelty that is alleged to have taken place in a Brisbane park on Tuesday.

A man has allegedly smashed a cat on the ground and beaten it with his fists while it was trapped inside a bag.

A horrified witness was working near C.J. Greenfield Park in the west Brisbane suburb of Richlands when he witnessed a man pull up at the park with a white bag and carry out the attack before the cat managed to escape the bag.

The attacker took off when the witness approached him.

"It makes you quite angry" RSPCA Inspector, Yorick Walburg told 10 daily.

"When someone does something like that, it makes you wonder what else they can do."

The alleged attacker pulled into the car park of the Greenfield Park soccer complex PIC: Google Maps

The alleged attacker is described as a male of Pacific Islander appearance, approximately 180cms tall with short hair and missing a number of front teeth.  He left the scene in a silver sedan heading towards Inala on Freeman Road.

The Inala Police have been informed of the incident and are working with the RSPCA, however, there is currently not enough evidence for a formal investigation to be launched.

Adora is alleged to have been attacked in a Brisbane park. PIC: RSPCA Qld

The cat is now under the care of RSPCA's Wacol Veterinary Hospital and has been given the name Adora.

According to the RSPCA, Adora has potential neurological issues causing a wobble in her walk. The issue may or may not have previously been present.

She is not microchipped.

The RSPCA is asking anyone with information or evidence to contact their 24/7 line 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or email

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