Girl Allegedly Finds Razor Blade In Sultana Packet From Supermarket

A mother has been left horrified after her daughter allegedly found a razor blade inside a packet of sultanas she bought from a supermarket.

Brisbane woman Danica Bennett said the small blade -- which it has been suggested could be of the type found in a pencil sharpener -- was in a pack of Sunbeam yoghurt-covered sultanas.

Sunbeam told 10 daily it is "deeply concerned" about the report, but said it believes someone else was responsible for the "foreign metallic object" ending up in the packet.

Bennett said the snack-size box was one of a multi-pack purchased from a Woolworths store at Kenmore, in Brisbane's south.

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"My daughter found this small blade in her Sunbeam yoghurt covered sultanas today," Bennett wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

"Please be careful if you buy these."

10 daily has contacted Bennett for more information, but in further online comments, she wrote that she had contacted the supermarket, Sunbeam, and police.

"So lucky it was my teenager that found it and not a small child as it’s obviously a product targeted at young kids," Bennett said.

"What is wrong with people?! Why is this a thing?!"

Photo: Facebook

In a statement, a Sunbeam spokesperson told 10 daily it was "deeply concerned" about the report and that the company had "established active monitoring of this situation." Sunbeam said it stood by its quality control mechanisms.

"We are confident that this has occurred outside the production process and are working with our valued customers on the matter," the spokesperson said.

"All products in Sunbeam pass through a metal detector with sensitivity set well below the level of the reported foreign object... It can be confirmed that metal detection equipment for the specific pack shift was verified as operating as expected."

"The identified foreign metallic object, and no related or similar machine parts are used inside the packing facility."

"As ONLY one incident has been reported to date, the matter is considered to be a one-off matter that did not originate inside the Sunbeam operation."

In a statement, Woolworths said it was aware of the reports and was taking steps to respond.

"We're aware of the report and have been in touch with the customer," a supermarket spokesperson said.

"The details have been reported to the supplier who makes the product, and we stand ready to assist them as they investigate the matter."

"We’re not aware of any other reports of a similar nature about this product at this time."

QLD Police said they were "making inquiries" into the report, but said it was believed to be an isolated incident.

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