Brekky Wrap: Woman Arrested After Randomly Stabbing Toddler Walking With Parents

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A woman has been arrested, accused of stabbing a little boy in the face before attempting to slash is brother on a street in Tbilisi Georgia. CCTV footage shows the woman approaching the family of four before reaching into her handbag and pulling out a knife. She steps towards one child, who is holding his mother's hand and slashes him in the face. The father managed to pull the second boy to safety before chasing after the woman who calmly left the scene.

The woman is seen jabbing at the young boy Photo: Facebook

The injured three-year-old boy underwent surgery after suffering 'moderately severe' slashes to his nose and cheek. "The patient had fairly deep wounds in the area of the nose and right cheek," Natia Vasadze, surgeon of Tbilisi Givi Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic, told InterPressNews. "We provided initial surgical care to the patient and then, stitched the wound. Currently, the health condition has improved and he will be discharged." The 51-year-old suspect has since been charged and faces up to 10 years behind bars.

She then calmly walks away from the scene. Photo: Facebook

A Melbourne judge has granted a last-minute injunction to stop a family of asylum seekers from being deported to Sri Lanka. The couple and their two children who had been living in central Queensland for three years were being held in detention in Melbourne after losing their bid to stay in the country. Last night they boarded a plane which landed in Darwin after the interim injunction was secured. A hearing is listed for 10am at the Federal Circuit Court.

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Photo: AAP

A Regional Express plane has flown 40 minutes on one engine before landing safely on the NSW south coast. There were 22 passengers and crew on board, thankfully no one was injured. One traveller declared the emergency the "most terrifying experience" of her life.

Melbourne’s tram network will come to a halt this morning as drivers walk off the job over a pay dispute.  All services will stop between 10am and 2pm forcing commuters to find a plan B.

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The US is bracing for a huge storm. Hurricane Dorian is barrelling towards central and south Florida and is expected to pack wind gusts of more than 200 kilometres an hour when it makes landfall on Monday.

Tens of thousands of retirement-aged Australians have amassed more than $1.2 billion in university debts. There were 97,400 Australians aged 60 and over who still owed on average $13,400 each at the end of the 2017/18 financial year, according to the Australian Tax Office.

In sport, Alex De Minaur is the first Aussie through to the third round at the US Open. Jordan Thompson bowed out.

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