'Legend' Postie Saves Pets Trapped Inside Burning Home

A quick-thinking postman has been praised for saving a house and the lives of two dogs and cats in Sydney's north.

Richard Pumpa was in the middle of his morning letter drop on Tuesday when he noticed condensation on the windows of an Asquith property.

Within seconds, he reached for his phone and dialled 000 before jumping the fence and hosing down the roof tiles.

Firefighters were quick to arrive on the scene and were forced to break a window to get inside the smoke-filled property.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Hornsby via Facebook

Two cats and two dogs were pulled from the home as firies worked to extinguish the blaze which had ignited in the kitchen.

One dog, Zack, was found in the main living area which was most affected by smoke and underwent oxygen therapy for smoke inhalation at the scene.

"He was conscious but he was very lethargic," station officer Paul Baker told 10 daily. "He let you do what we needed to do which is a sign that he wasn't very well at all."

Zack and the three other pets were taken to the Asquith Veterinary Hospital in a stable condition and thankfully, all recovered quickly.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Hornsby via Facebook

Firefighters have credited Pump's quick thinking for saving the home and the pets locked inside.

Baker explained that the house had a fire alarm which was operating as it should but because the house was behind two others, the alarm couldn't be heard from the street.

"Another 10 minutes and the house would have been lost. Without him there it would have been a different story," Baker said.

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Photo: Fire and Rescue Hornsby via Facebook

While Pumpa didn't stick around, he returned to the family home after finishing his delivery round to check on his new four-legged friends.

Resident Lily Edwards was quick to heap praise on the hero postie.

"Richard Pumpa, I can’t begin to thank you enough," another resident said. "How you broke down our fence and started to water the fire down just shows how much you care for others. I'm forever in your debt."

It was a sentiment that was echoed by dozens on social media, with many labelling the postie Pumpa a 'legend'.

Richard Pumpa was quick to raise the alarm. Photo: Fire and Rescue Hornsby via Facebook

"I am beyond happy to have assisted in the saving of your loved animal friends," Pumpa responded. "I wish your family the best in their recovery."

The blaze appears to have stared in the rangehood which Baker liked as a Bermuda Triangle for grease: "you can't see it but it's there."

"Unless it is cleaned and maintained regularly it can do serious damage," he said.