Brekky Wrap: Push To Jail Those Caught With Child Sex Dolls

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Those found in possession of sex dolls that look like children could soon be jailed for up to 10 years in South Australia. Robotic dolls with heartbeats and the ability to give verbal cues are being made in Japan and China and are reportedly being intercepted by border officials on their way to Australia. Some of the dolls appear to be models of children as young as five. SA Best MP Connie Bonaros is leading the charge for hefty penalties with the plan gaining support in state parliament. She intends to introduce legislation this year.

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England has made a remarkable comeback, winning the third Ashes Test by one wicket, levelling the series. Ben Stokes did all the damage, pummelling Australia’s bowlers for 135 runs off 219 balls. "It hurts, deal with it, move on," captain Tim Paine said after the gutting loss.

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The Prime Minister has met with world leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G7 summit in France. Trade tensions between the US and China, the shape of the global economy and terrorism were high on the agenda.

Scott Morrison
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Twitter and Facebook will regularly tell the public how many terrorist posts they have taken down and how long it took. Australia is developing the new rules with New Zealand and a global economic organisation and comes in the wake of the Christchurch attacks.

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An inmate who escaped from a hospital on the NSW Mid North Coast is due in court today. Matthew Furner, 28, was under police guard at Port Macquarie Base Hospital when he managed to slip away yesterday morning. A police dog tracked him down overnight.

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NSW Police have settled a lawsuit brought by a sniper involved in the police operation during the Lindt Cafe siege. The former chief sniper alleged he and fellow officers were prevented from doing their jobs and that the lives of cafe manager Tori Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson could have been saved.

Lindt Cafe Siege December 2014. Photo: Joosep Martinson Getty Images

Gunshots have been fired during protests in Hong Kong. It’s the first time live rounds have been fired since the demonstrations broke out in June. Several other officers pointed guns at protestors who were chasing them with sticks and poles.

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Hairdressers will rally outside the Fair Work Commission in Sydney as part of a protest against proposed penalty rate cuts. Under the plan, workers would lose up to $91 a week. The Hair and Beauty Australia Industry Association claims they would use the reduction in labour costs to increase the hours of existing employees and potentially hire more staff.

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