The Chaser 'Updates' George Pell's Plaque After Failed Appeal

It took just hours for someone to deface George Pell's commemorative plaque at Sydney's St. Mary's Cathedral after yesterdays failed appeal.

That someone was The Chaser comedian Charles Firth.

"Here's George Pell's plaque proudly on display and yet it's missing his most noteworthy achievement," Firth said in a video posted to Facebook.

"I'm going to have to fix that," he said, before attaching a gold plate engraved with the words "and convicted paedophile".

Photo: Charles Firth/The Chaser via Facebook

The video has received tens of thousands of views, close to 4,000 likes and 600 comments in 12 hours, with many applauding the stunt.

"Excellent! Hope you used superglue," one user said.

"I hope all victims see this and feel some joy in seeing we all stand with you," said another.

"You are my hero's [sic] for doing this -- love your work. Hide or report this," said a third.

Pell was the Archbishop of Sydney for 13 years before he was called to the  Vatican, where he soon became the world's third most powerful catholic.

George Pell as Archbishop of Sydney. Photo: AP/Rick Rycroft.

This now-vandalised plaque is one of many that sit on the wall at the cathedral. It's not known if it will stay or be removed.

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Pell was convicted in December of five charges over the rape of a 13-year-old choirboy and sexual assault of another at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in 1996.

The disgraced Cardinal, who maintains his innocence, immediately appealed the convictions, but on Wednesday Pell's appeal failed, meaning he will remain in prison for at least another three years.

He is now considering taking his case to the High Court.