'A Survival Instinct Kicks In': Grandmother Fights Off Home Invaders With Shoe

An Adelaide grandmother has described how she fought back against a pair of violent home invaders with a shoe.

Eva Donlon, 82, was in bed in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when she heard a knock at the window.

A man, who claimed to be a tradie at the caravan park she calls home, told her he was there to do some maintenance work on her water system, so she let him in.

As she showed him to the bathroom, another man lunged at her from behind, knocking her over and pinning her to the ground.

"He was on top of me, and he held me down, covered my nose and mouth with his hands so I can't scream, I could hardly breathe," she told 10 News First on Wednesday.

Eva Donlon. Image: 10 News First

While one man held her down, the other ransacked her home.

They left with $6,500 Eva had stashed in a drawer, after a win on the pokies at a nearby hotel just hours earlier.

But she didn't let them get away easy, using her shoe to fight back.

"Nice, heavy heel on it, leather ones, and I hit him with that, and I pushed him and clawed him, and got his thumb to twist it," Donlon said.

"A survival instinct kicks in, and you do your best to stay alive... and give them a hard time."

Eva shoes off the shoes that helped her fight off the home invaders. Image: 10 News First

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Security staff at the hotel walked Donlon to her car after her big win, but she suspects her attackers saw her collect the money and watched her leave, before following her home.

They were last seen in a black SUV, and remain on the run.

Police are reviewing CCTV from the caravan park, and from the hotel.

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