Questions Raised Over Influencer's Motorcycle Accident Photos

An Instagram influencer has hit back at suggestions a recent motorcycle accident she was involved in and posted photos of was faked or branded.

Tiffany Mitchell is a blogger and influencer from Nashville, U.S. who recently had a motorcycle accident.

What has drawn the most attention is not the accident itself but the photo shoot that accompanied it.

In a post on Instagram, which has since been deleted and photos put on her story highlights instead, she spoke of the 'scary, magical' events of the accident along with several photos from the accident.

Mitchell posted several professional photos of her lying on the ground injured after the accident.

A photo from the accident Tiffany Mitchell reshared on her Instagram. Photo: Instagram @tifforelie

She said she and some friends, including a photographer, were riding, exploring and taking photos when she misjudged a curve and her bike went off the road.

She said aside from a few scrapes she was fine but shaken up as the accident brought back memories of her partner who she lost three years ago in a motorcycle accident.

The now-deleted photos attracted a number of comments, many well-wishers but also many questioning the placement of a 'SmartWater' bottle in shot.

A photo from the accident Tiffany Mitchell has since removed from her Instagram. Photo: Instagram

In a recent story on her Instagram Mitchell addressed the criticism. She said she was 'so sad' articles about the accident 'inspired people to believe it was faked, staged, a sponsorship, or a cry for attention'.

Tiffany Mitchell response to critics. Photo: Instagram

She also re-shared images and video of the injuries she sustained from the accident, including scrapes and bruises after 'a lot of people have asked to see them'.