Brekky Wrap: Boy Impaled By Pole At Football Training

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

A boy is lucky to be alive after being impaled by a pole at football training in the U.K. Emergency crews were called to a playing field in Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent, on Sunday afternoon. It is understood the young student was running at full pace when he collided with the pole, used to mark out fitness and practice areas. The pole had to be cut before the boy was airlifted to a hospital in Liverpool in a stable condition.

A toddler who went missing on the Sunshine Coast has been found dead.The three-year-old girl disappeared from her family home at Cootharaba, near Noosa, at about 3.30pm yesterday afternoon. She was found by police divers in a dam 150 metres from the house.

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Photo: QLD Police

Former fugitive, Jonathan Dick, will front court in Melbourne today, charged with his brother's murder. The 41-year-old had been on the run for two and a half years but was arrested following an assault yesterday. He's accused of killing his brother David at a Doncaster shopping centre in 2017 with a samurai sword

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Photo: AAP

Activists will rally outside NSW parliament as the bill to decriminalise abortion comes before the upper house. MP’s are preparing for a long week, with reports opponents are planning to table amendments to the bill. Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has reportedly sent robocalls to NSW residents with an anti-abortion message.

Pro-choice advocates hold signs outside NSW Parliament. Photo: AAP

Social media giants have blocked what they described as a state-backed Chinese misinformation campaign aimed at undermining protests in Hong Kong. Twitter has removed 956 accounts, while Facebook has taken down 15 pages, groups and accounts after a tip-off.

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Supporters of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty

The US Attorney General has ordered the removal of a top prison official in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The 66-year-old was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell earlier this month as he awaited trial on charges of sex trafficking.

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jeffrey epstein
Jeffrey Epstein. Photo: AAP

The amount of sugar in soft drink could soon be shown on labels under a review ordered by state and federal ministers. If the advice from health experts is followed, shoppers would see 16 teaspoons of sugar on the label of a 600-millilitre coke bottle.

Photo: Coke

The federal cabinet will meet today to discuss draft religious freedom laws.The Attorney General’s proposals would ban discrimination on the basis of faith in areas such as employment, housing and the use of services, according to The Australian.

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