Water Sprays And Alarm Bells To Deter Sex In Public Toilets

The Welsh town of Porthcawl plans to spend over $250,000 on robo-toilets to discourage anti-social behaviour, including inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism.

Planning documents for the Griffin Park toilet facilities reveal a number of futuristic security features designed to deter the public from alleged misuse.

Measures include weight sensitive floors to ensure there's only one user at a time inside the cubicle, and graffiti-resistant material for floors and walls.

Electronically detected "violent" movements will automatically open doors and sound high-pitched alarms, with water jets ready to soak individual stalls.

Critics have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns and raise various issues surrounding the expensive robo-toilets, which will debut later this year.

Time restrictions with a loud warning have been put in place to deter rough sleeping. The lights and heating will also be switched off in these situations.

Fire and dousing equipment will also be in place in an effort to prevent smoking and illicit drug-taking.

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New ‘SOS’ buttons are set to open doors automatically and alert a warden control system if there are signs of improper activity.

Patrons will need to pay an undetermined fee to use the toilets, which will be closed for 10 minutes each night for a deep clean process.

“Every effort has been made to make ensure that the new toilet facility will enhance this location and be safe for the community at all times." the planning documents reportedly state.