Stranded Fisherman Saved After Partner Asks Facebook For Help

An Adelaide man's boat broke down late Wednesday night, so his partner took to social media to see if anyone could lend a hand.

Robert McDerment had been out on the water with a mate when his boat's motor broke down off St Kilda, north of Adelaide.

Before his phone battery went flat, he managed to text his partner Kerry to let her know he was stuck.

Robert's boat after it was towed back to shore. Photo: 10 News First

Kerry raised the alarm via Facebook, posting in a popular fishing group about Robert's predicament and appealing for anyone in the area to help.

Much to her surprise, a kind stranger who lived over 40 minutes away offered to jump in his car, load up his boat and head out to find him.

"Thanks is not even enough. Who gets up, out of their house, when it's freezing cold, after midnight, and hooks up a boat and goes out in the water rescues someone they don't even know?" Kerry said on FiveAA radio on Thursday morning.

"He's amazing, he's awesome!"

Despite chilly overnight temperatures, Chris Smith said he didn't hesitate to help with the search. It didn't take him long to find the pair and bring them safely to shore.

"They were very thankful and cold, you're very vulnerable out there so you can feel helpless," Chris told 10 News First.

"If I hadn't come out they were just going to wait until the morning, and hopefully a fisherman would go by."

While this tale has a happy ending, Chris says there's still a lesson to be learned.

"Boaties - keep your phone charged at all times, make sure people know where you are, and look after each other. If you see someone needs help, please help out."

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