Brisbane Set To Trial Pets On Select Public Transport

Pets will soon be going on a Brisbane River adventure with a proposal for pets to be permitted already greenlit.

The Brisbane City council announced it would be writing to Translink for a change to public transport rules to allow for leashed dogs and other pets ride with their owners on CityCats and ferries, however before the letter could be penned Transport Minister Mark Bailey welcomed the idea by promising a trial in the near future.

Making mention that a number of states in Australia already allow for pets on public transport, Bailey said the trial would initially take place on the Bulimba and Teneriffe ferries.

A trial of smaller pets is likely to take place on ferries (PIC Getty)

Bailey plans to have a consultation period with pet owners and CityCat and ferry customers to establish the rules and regulations that should go along with the trial, "Things like ‘Will we do it on all CityCats and ferries, will we just do it on ferries, what are the appropriate dimensions (for pets) and what would customers’ expectations be?” he suggested.

Morningside Ward councillor Kara Cook supported the trial saying that residents within her ward, which includes riverside suburbs Bulimba and Hawthorne, had been asking for the change, particularly complaining about how difficult it is to take their pet for a walk at New Farm park.

A trial is likely to take place on the Bulimba Teneriffe ferry, enabling residents south of the river easy access to take their pets to New Farm Park.

The RSPCA's Michael Beatty told 10 Daily on Monday they'd like to see Brisbane catch up with other cities around the world that allow pets to be more part of society.

"In Australia, we end up in unfortunate situations where pets are dumped at home. Retired owners would like to go out with their pets but often don't have cars to facilitate that," Beatty said.

In Melbourne, pet dogs are permitted on trains as long as they are on a lead and muzzled. Other international cities, such as London and New York have similar rules in place.

The trial is expected to be announced before the end of the year.