Dogs Could Soon Be Allowed To Ride On Brisbane's CityCats

Dogs and other domestic pets could be welcome to travel with their owners on Brisbane's CityCat and Ferry services under a proposal put forward by the council.

Responding to a resident's petition, Brisbane City Council will write to Translink asking for an amendment to the Transport Operations Act, which currently bans non-service animals from using public transport in Queensland.

Deputy Mayor Krista Adams supports the idea, saying "I personally think it would be nice to have animals on the CityCats."

Adams cited Stradbroke Ferries, which allow leashed dogs on their water taxi and vehicle ferry services to North Stradbroke Island, as a successful example of allowing pets aboard. However, she was quick to point out the need for dogs to wear soft muzzles and be kept on leads.

Dogs are permitted to travel on public transport in cities around the world, but not Brisbane. (PIC AAP)

Georgina Swan, a Brisbane local currently living in Canada, commented on 10 News First's Facebook page, pointing out dogs are allowed everywhere in Toronto, "Trains, buses, trams, you name it. I don’t see an issue with it, there’s no problems at all that arise!"

Toronto's public transport authority allows up to two domestic dogs to travel with their owners on a leash in off-peak periods, or in a crate during peak hours. Similar rules apply in other international cities including London and New York.

The RSPCA's Michael Beatty told 10 Daily they'd like to see Brisbane catch up with other cities around the world that allow pets to be more part of society.

"In Australia we end up in unfortunate situations where pets are dumped at home. Retired owners would like to go out with their pets but often don't have cars to facilitate that," Beatty said.

Beatty pointed to coffee shops and exercise facilities that allow for pets but a lack of options for pet owners to travel to them.

However, some residents have raised concerns about people with dog allergies or phobias and a lack of responsibility from pet owners.

"They can't even pick up the dog crap in the parks and half the time people aren't even using leads," Brisbane resident Ryan Smith wrote on Facebook.

Comment as been sought from Translink.

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