Brekky Wrap: Man Lures Seagulls To Death By Throwing Chips On Busy Road

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

A man has filmed himself luring seagulls onto a busy road with chips and laughing when they are hit by passing vehicles. The horrific footage was filmed in Abergele, Wales, in July and uploaded to Facebook with the caption: "I warned them I'd get revenge". "Here they come ... I don’t care if a f***ing car comes, watch this," the man can be heard saying as he throws food out of the window of his white van. One bird is struck and is seen lying lifeless on the road as the man exclaims: "Got him! Look! There!" The RSPCA has described the video as "shocking" and has launched an investigation. If found guilty, he faces six months in prison.

Photo: Facebook

Canadian Police have revealed that the two teenagers accused of murdering Sydney man Lucas Fowler, took their own lives. Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky sparked a huge manhunt in July with more than a thousand police and military combing Nothern Manitoba for close to three weeks. The boys' bodies were found in dense bushland on August 7.

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The cost of congested roads and overcrowded public transport systems will double to $40 billion in 12 years unless governments act now. A report by Infrastructure Australia warns that $200 billion in new spending every five years is needed to keep pace with population growth.

Sydney traffic. Photo: Getty

The federal government will pledge half-a-billion dollars to help Pacific island nations deal with the effects of climate change.  Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the aid money will help protect the region's security and livelihoods.

Scott Morrison G20
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It’s been another night of chaos in Hong Kong as thousands of pro-democracy protesters demonstrated at the airport.  All flights were cancelled and the airport was shut down with members of the public warned to avoid the area. Authorities are working to get everything back to normal.

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Protesters flood Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Getty

Back home, Emergency crews are continuing to search for two fishermen missing in Moreton Bay off Brisbane. Carwyn Massey, 25, and Timothy Maher's, 31, three-metre dinghy was found semi-submerged off Green Island late on Sunday but there has been no sign of either man.

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Carwyn Massey. Photo: Instagram/Carwyn Massey.

A jogger killed by a falling tree in a Melbourne park has been identified as an accomplished university professor and a mother of two young boys.Allison Milner was on her way to work at 8.30am yesterday morning when she was struck in Parkville, she died in hospital a short time later. She’s being remembered as a humble, generous and caring woman.

Photo: Twitter. AAP Photos.

Israel Folau has reactivated his social media accounts as he prepares to front his unfair dismissal directions hearing. The former Wallabies player had his contract ripped up after a controversial social media post. He’s seeking $10 million in damages from Rugby Australia and wants his contract reinstated.

Israel Folau arrives for a conciliation hearing at the Fair Work Commission in Sydney, Friday, June 28, 2019.

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