Llama Drama Shows Just How Cold It Is In South Australia

South Australians woke to icy conditions on Tuesday morning, and even some of the warmest and wooliest creatures were feeling the chill.

Overnight temperatures dropped to 2.5 degrees Celsius in Adelaide, but it was colder in the state's north.

Parafield had a low of 0.3, with -2 recorded at Clare. The coldest spot was Yunta, which dropped to a freezing -2.4 degrees.

Williamstown resident Jodie Hume knew it was a particularly chilly morning when she saw her pet llama Theo had a light sprinkling of frost on his thick coat.

For those concerned about the animal's wellbeing, she was quick to add Theo does have a nice shelter to sleep in and his coat is so warm, the frosty conditions probably didn't bother him too much.

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South Australia and other parts of the country are shivering their way through an intense cold front this week. On Tuesday, Adelaide and Canberra are expected to reach just 14 degrees, and Melbourne is heading for 13. Even Queensland is experiencing a run of frosty nights.

The good news is, the weekend is looking a little warmer, with 21 the top in Adelaide by Saturday. In the meantime, rug up - and maybe use some spare wool from your llama to make some gloves?

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