Large Land Slip Blocking Traffic On Thredbo Road

The good news is you can definitely still drive straight to Thredbo via the most popular route,

The bad news is you can't get to the popular NSW ski resort from the less-travelled western side of the mountains, after a large land slip on the Alpine Way near the town of Khancoban (population 280).

Most people access Thredbo from the eastern side via the large town of Jindabyne. Access from this approach is 100 percent open and unaffected.

Image: Live Traffic NSW.

Only a tiny proportion of people access Thredbo from the western or Khancoban side, and authorities are urging travellers to avoid the area, with no indication as to when the road will re-open.

For many people, the land slip will evoke thoughts of the 1997 Thredbo disaster, when two ski lodges were destroyed and 18 people died after a land slip which was exacerbated by the collapse of a road embankment on the Alpine Way.

The road above Thredbo has since been substantially reinforced and today's incident has no relation to it, occurring about 70 kilometres from Thredbo village.

The location on the land slip is just near Khancoban.

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