Brekky Wrap: Grandma Threatened With $220 Fine For Garage Sale Sign

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A grandmother on the NSW Central Coast was threatened with a $220 fine for advertising a garage sale. Sue Chidget was on her way to put up the sign in East Gosford with her seven-year-old grandson when she was stopped by a ranger. “I had my hammer in my hand and my sign and was holding onto my grandson’s hand crossing the road and he pulled up and smiled at me and then I saw his badge," she told the Daily Telegraph. The ranger told her she would be fined if she erected the sign, so she put it on her car instead and raised $43 for her grandson. “We just wanted to put up a little sign for the garage sale for half the day,” she said, questioning why politicians were allowed to put up signs for the election and she couldn’t. Central Coast Council’s website reads: “Council Rangers monitor and regulate in accordance with legislation, unauthorised activities and structures on public land, such as advertising and signage, roadside trading and street stalls, busking and camping.”

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A search will resume this morning for two men who never returned home a from a fishing trip in Queensland’s Moreton Bay area. The pair called their family just after 10pm on Saturday night saying they were coming home but they never arrived. Their boat has since been found partially submerged.

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A Melbourne man is under police guard in hospital, accused of trying to flee a crash that killed two teenagers and left a third-person fighting for life. A Commodore believed to have been stolen, ploughed into a second car in Cranbourne yesterday afternoon. Two teens were killed instantly, while six others were taken to hospital, including a six-year-old girl.

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Nearly 80 percent of working people have been injured, or become ill, or both on the job, according to a new survey by the Australian Council of Trade Unions. It also found that just under a third had experienced violence after being abused, threatened or assaulted by clients, customers or co-workers.

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Tear gas and rubber bullets have been fired as police and pro-democracy demonstrators clashed in Hong Kong for a tenth straight weekend. At least nine people were injured in the protests, one seriously.

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A shooting at a mosque in Norway is being treated as a possible act of terrorism. A gunman opened fire on the outskirts of Oslo on Saturday but was overpowered by a witness before anyone was killed. The accused remains in custody.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison will face pressure to increase Australia’s climate change commitments when he attends the Pacific Island Forum this week. Economic development, maritime security and marine pollution will also be on the agenda.


Miley Cyrus has broken her silence after news of her split with Liam Hemsworth. The singer took to Instagram with a message about protecting the environment, explaining that ‘change is inevitable’.

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