A Fighter To The End: Jarrod Lyle's Wife Opens Up, A Year On From His Death

Jarrod Lyle was a fighter, who had his wife and young daughters Lusi and Jemma by his side until his death. 

The much-loved Australian golfer died on August 8 last year, after a long and courageous battle with leukaemia. He was just 36.

Almost a year on, his wife Briony spoke of her husband's decision to end his treatment and the day he died, in an exclusive interview with The Project airing on Tuesday night.

"It wasn't long for him. He was in a coma and had been for a couple of days so we all made a point of being there," Briony told Carrie Bickmore.

Photo: The Project

"We put the television on and put his bed down, and it was Anh Do's 'Brush With Fame', and it was the episode of you [Carrie].

You got to the point where you were talking about how sometimes you see [your son] Ollie from behind and he reminds you of your [late husband] Greg, and Jarrod's aunty said to me, 'Bri, it's time.' And, he died.

Jarrod died on the evening of August 8, surrounded by family and friends, including radio and TV host Andy Lee.

"He was resting and I did a lot of the talking that day," Lee told The Project. 

"But it was nice to even be beside someone that you’re close to, knowing that you got that last chance to say what you want to say before he passed that evening." 

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Jarrod had twice beaten cancer -- in 1998 and again in 2012 -- before he returned to play professional golf. Then the cancer came back for a third time.

"Jarrod was hospitalised last year in July and for the first time he was defeated," Briony said.

"I’ve never seen that before and that was really hard ... up until that point I was okay because he was okay."

Jarrod Lyle hugs his daughter Lusi at the Australian Masters in 2013. Photo: Getty

The family decided Jarrod would end his treatment and begin palliative care on August 1. Briony remembers the "immediate sadness" that washed over her daughter, Lusi.

"I drove home early that morning and had to wait until Lusi woke up and I had to say to her that the medicine’s not working and that daddy’s going to die," she said. 

"She walked in to his hospital room, which she’d been into so many times before, and just walked over and held his hand." 

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In the corner of Jarrod's hospital room, Lusi began to write on a small whiteboard used by nurses.

"She started to fill that out and she wrote, 'going home with my family'," Briony said.

"There's a section for questions for the doctor, and she wrote, 'why isn't the medicine working?'

"Then we took him home that night."

Watch the full interview with tonight on The Project at 6:30pm on Network 10.

Featured image: The Project