Woman Avoids Jail For Neglect Of Staffy Left 'Near Death'

Warning: graphic images. An Adelaide mother had her three-month jail term suspended, after she starved and neglected her American Staffy-cross.

The four-year-old dog called Butch was found barely alive in the backyard of Tracey Goldner's southern suburbs home in July last year.

"It's about as worse as it gets. The dog was near death," said the RSPCA's Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis outside court on Wednesday.

"It was emaciated to the point of having no muscle. It was left in a backyard to die alone, with them just metres away."

When he was found Butch barely had a pulse, and recorded the lowest body score possible. Vets had no choice but to euthanise him. Goldner was found guilty of the offence of ill treatment of an animal.

"You cannot just stick (animals) in a back shed and leave them to die," Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal told Goldner during sentencing.

"There is no doubt this dog would've experienced extreme discomfort and pain."

Goldner's daughter, Casey, who also lived at the home, was handed the same sentence in May for her role in Butch's neglect. She was looking after the dog for her boyfriend, who was in jail.

Her mother had argued she couldn't afford to care for Butch after leaving a violent relationship -- but the RSPCA says that's no excuse.

Tracey Goldner. Photo: 10 News First

"They left a dog who they may or may not have wanted, and there are options for people who can't look after their animals," said Lewis.

Goldner, who has a criminal history spanning seven pages, tried her best to avoid the media outside court on Wednesday -- at one point she even hit reporters with her bond paper.

The mother of seven has been banned from owning any pets and must find a new home for her remaining dog to live, within a week. She was also ordered to pay more than $1600 worth of vet bills.

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Feature image: RSPCA