'King Of Handball' Kevin Rudd Reveals 'Avalanche' Response To Ballsy Challenge

A former Prime Minister has challenged "handball fiends" to a game of the schoolyard sport, and says he's been inundated with match offers.

K. Rudd, Kevin 07, King of Handball -- whatever you call him, he's finally returned to the limelight.

"Get ready to die," was the wild warning issued by the man himself. And believe it or not, his challenge has been accepted by hundreds.

The former PM took to social media on Tuesday night to address his thousands of followers as he signed rubber balls.

"G'day, it's Kevin Rudd here, the global handball king... well sort of," he declared during the minute-long message.

“Come the end of August, having overcome the problems of my knee surgery, I am re-entering the field.

"So any of you guys who are looking for a handball championship game, I’m available," he continued before signing off with: "be very good and get ready … to die.”

It turns out no fewer than 800 people around the country have returned serve, taking up Rudd's challenge.

"I’ve had a six-month lull of late because of knee surgery earlier this year," Rudd told 10 daily.

"But now I'm ready and raring to go, and there’s an avalanche of challengers rolling in".

For those who need the backstory, the former PM's rise to handball prominence dates back to 2013, when a video of his awfully serious game with Brisbane State High School students emerged.

While his enthusiasm was commendable, his form was certainly unconventional, a mix that was noted by many.

Photo: NWM via YouTube

A video posted on Facebook went viral, and a meme was born. He declared himself "the handball champ of the Southern Hemisphere", during an online interview promoting his autobiography in 2017.

"Kids around Australia have been challenging me to handball challenges since I was foreign minister," Rudd said.

"I suppose I should actually learn the rules one day."

His Facebook post has notched up 211,000 views as well as thousands of likes and comments.

According to Rudd's office, he's also received more than 3,000 direct messages -- some accepting the challenge, others just chasing a free signed ball he offered up.

What he didn't reveal is when his monster challenge would get underway,  what his form is like post-knee injury, or how many wins he has under his belt, but it's safe to say competitive Kevin will be raring his head again in schoolyards shortly.

We're this excited:

Photo: NWM via YouTube