Gang Leader Found Dead After Dressing As Daughter To Escape Prison

A convicted Brazilian drug dealer has been found dead in his prison cell three days after his elaborate escape was foiled.

Clauvino da Silva, better known as "Shorty," had been serving a near 73-year-sentence for drug trafficking, when he tried to walk out of the Rio De Janeiro prison gates on Saturday.

Donning a silicone mask, wig, t-shirt emblazoned with pink doughnuts and a black bra, his plan was to trick prison officers into thinking he was his teenage daughter, who had been visiting.

She had planned to stay behind while he made his getaway.

The elaborate disguise. Photo: The Globe via Twitter

The escape unravelled when guards noticed 'his daughter' was becoming increasingly nervous.

A video released by the state prison showed da Silva stripping off his elaborate disguise in front of officials.

The footage was quick to go viral, notching up millions of views in days.

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As punishment, da Silva was moved into solitary confinement and three days later he was found dead.

Authorities have launched an investigation into his death.

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