Woman 'Conceived By Rape' Demands DNA Test To Prosecute Father

Vicky* claims her mother was just 13-years-old when she was raped by a family friend in the 1970s, now she wants to use her own DNA as key evidence.

The woman, who describes herself as a "walking crime scene," insists that her birth is proof of child rape.

Born in Birmingham, Vicky was adopted at just seven months old and began searching for her birth mother when she turned 18.

It was through social services records and a social worker that she discovered her conception was a result of rape.

"My birth dad was a family friend who was in his 30s," Vicky told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire. "The records said she'd gone to babysit at his house, and he raped her. It says in seven different places in the files that it was rape.

"It states his name and address, that social services, police, health workers knew -- but nothing was done about it," she said.

The woman has since reunited with her birth mother who doesn't want to report the rape and relive the ordeal again, so Vicky has decided to go out on her own.

She is urging police to consider a so-called "victimless prosecution," which can be used in domestic abuse or rape cases when the victim declines to give a statement but it is in the public interest to head to the courts.

It's a request that is littered with hurdles.

She said she had confronted her father about the allegation but he refused to confirm or deny it.

She also doesn't appear to have the backing of police.

While Chief Superintendent Pete Henrick, head of West Midlands Police's public protection unit said that the force did not under-estimate the impact suffered by the complainant, he explained that the force had no record of a rape allegation or investigation in 1975.

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“In 2014, a woman asked us to open an historical investigation. However, the alleged victim did not want to cooperate or provide a statement,” he told the BBC.

"The law does not recognise this person as a victim in these circumstances. We liaised with the CPS and were advised they would not support a prosecution," the statement said.

But Vicky has vowed to persevere.

"This has nearly beaten me down. Being adopted comes with so many difficulties, and the trauma of this has affected every part of my life," she said.

"But I will persevere because I know this is so wrong and I want justice."

*Vicky is not the woman's real name