This Is Why 'Feral Hogs' Is All Over Your Social Media Feeds Today

A man's bizarre response to America's gun laws has gone viral on Twitter, providing a rare light-hearted moment among the tragic mass shootings.

Following devastating massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, social media has once again become rife with passionate debate over gun control.

As the American tally of mass shootings spikes past 255 this year -- already outpacing the number of days we've seen in 2019 -- many have again called for a ban on assault weapons and stronger gun laws, in the wake of senseless violence that 22 people killed in El Paso and nine dead in Dayton.

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And once again, we've seen those that are vehemently against the ban, citing their second amendment rights under the U.S. constitution.

This is where "feral hogs" come in.

It all kicked off when Arkansas man William McNabb posed a question to those demanding a ban on assault weapons:

It was a light-hearted response to the claims of many Americans that they need their weapons for hunting or self-protection -- but the bizarre inquiry soon went viral.

Other Twitter users flooded the platform with memes featuring the hashtag #feralhogs -- not so to make fun of such an incredibly tragic situation, but rather to make light of the peculiar justification of owning a military-style rifle weapon.

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As of time of writing, McNabb's "legit question" had more than 3400 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Some made sense (kind of).

Some were just out-of-control silly.

It's a silly joke, letting people blow off some steam in the face of mind-boggling violence.

While the idea of 30-50 feral hogs barging down a fence to trample a group of young children is certainly a strange image, it turns out that feral hogs are actually big issue in rural parts of the US.

Evan Wood, an editor for Missouri Life magazine, explained to the Guardian: “They are actually a huge problem, both on private property and public lands. They live in groups (called sounders) of up to 60 hogs. They are very harmful for farmers because when they eat, they upturn the ground to get things out.”

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Though, Wood added, such an issue does not justify access to such powerful weapons.

“If you go after them with a gun your chances of getting all of them at once are pretty much nil, even if there are only like 10 of them,” he told the publication.

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