Chocolates Filled With ‘Hazardous Substances’ Dropped In Suburban Letterboxes

Police are warning Perth residents after chocolates with a "hazardous" filling were left in letterboxes on a quiet Perth street, putting children at risk.

A local woman shared a warning in a Fremantle local area Facebook group on Saturday, sharing claims that the chocolates were found on the corner of High Street and East Street.

“Police are notifying locals individually wrapped chocolates have been found in the area at a height accessible to small children containing hazardous substances (along fence lines/in letter boxes),” she wrote.

“Please be mindful (pets, children)," she added, later posting a photo of one of the chocolates she allegedly found.

Image: Facebook

Western Australia Police later confirmed they were investigating the incident.

“Police are investigating a report of an unknown person(s) leaving four mini chocolates (like those in a multi packet), in the letter boxes and an outside wall of two homes located on High Street in Fremantle," a spokesperson said.

“An unknown substance was placed inside the four mini chocolate bars and there is no suggestion they were purchased off the shelf with the substance inside."

“This is a localised incident and forensic testing is currently being undertaken to establish the substance placed in these specific chocolates."

“The four chocolates were not consumed by anyone, but it is a timely reminder to the public to be aware of the origin of food prior to being eaten.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.