Gang Leader Caught Dressed As Daughter In Dodgy Prison Break Attempt

As far as attempted prison breaks go, this could be the most creative yet.

Brazilian gang leader Clauvino da Silva, otherwise known as "Shorty," has been busted trying to escape from a Rio De Janeiro prison dressed as his teenage daughter.

Footage shows da Silva standing awkwardly with his hands behind his back as his wild costume was slowly exposed.

First, the glasses come off, then the long dark-haired wig.

Next, came his cardigan, T-shirt covered with doughnuts and love hearts and a black bra.

Finally, his silicon mask is removed, revealing his true identity.

The convicted drug dealer's disguise was so impressive that prison staff only stopped him because he began to act nervously as he tried to walk out the door, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities say the plan was to escape Gericino prison and leave his 19-year-old daughter behind bars in his place.

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Da Silva is believed to have been a leader of one of the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil responsible for drug trafficking in a large part of Rio.

He's now sitting in a maximum-security prison awaiting disciplinary action, while police hunt for an accomplice to Saturday's failed escape.

Photo: AP