Classic Tail: Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck In Chimney For 22 Hours

A cat has been rescued by firefighters after being stuck in a Perth chimney overnight.

Two-year-old rescue cat Moritz went straight for the chimney when he was left alone to explore his new home in Carlisle on Wednesday morning.

Perth woman Mia Walker had recently taken him in as a foster from Cat Haven – a feline sanctuary in Shenton Park.

“Yesterday was the first time he was allowed to explore the house,” she told 10 daily.

Image: Supplied

“He walked over to the fireplace and disappeared.

“I saw soot coming down the chimney into the fire and I knew something wasn’t right.”

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Walker tried to coax Moritz down with food, but the curious feline stayed put.

“I waited all day and all night,” Walker said.

Image: Supplied

She phoned the ranger on Thursday morning, and when they couldn’t get Moritz out, Walker called in backup.

And curiosity may have killed the cat if it wasn’t for the Belmont Fire Department.

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It took the team just under an hour to rescue Moritz, meaning he was stuck in the chimney for over 22 hours.

“It was something different to break up the day… normally we show up to a house that’s on fire,” Station Officer Evan Crute said.

“It all ended well, the cat is out and alive.”

Image: Supplied