Too Soon? Man's Bail Revoked After Courtroom Celebration

An Adelaide man who celebrated by punching and kicking the air after being granted bail will remain behind bars, after the Magistrate changed his mind.

Khodr Dib, 26, appeared via video link in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Thursday, facing assault charges, and applied for release on home detention bail.

The Magistrate approved this request and was in the process of finalising the hearing when the accused began his animated celebration on the closed circuit screen.

Unfortunately for him, a group of school children on an excursion were sitting in the courtroom and couldn't contain their laughter as Dib jumped up and began doing air kicks.

It was the group's reaction that alerted the Magistrate to the accused's performance. He immediately asked prosecutors to detail the charges and after comparing the nature of the celebration to the seriousness of the allegations, promptly reversed his decision.

Khodr Dib. Photo: Facebook

Dib's lawyer tried his best.

"I'd ask your honour to excuse the infantile behaviour on the video and consider granting this man home," he said.

"Yes he's immature, he is sitting there acting like an idiot to say the very least, when there's a man who's sitting in hospital with serious injuries, (but) Mr Dib had nothing to do with those injuries."

Dib and another man are charged over the assault of a man in a carpark near Adelaide's busy nightclub strip, Hindley Street, in July.

Police say the victim was punched in an unprovoked attack involving three men, and suffered bleeding on the brain.

Dib was on bail at the time of the alleged attack.

After learning he won't be going home after all, a shocked Dib began yelling "I did not touch him", and his mother called the Magistrate "putrid".

Both Dib and his co-accused, who also remains in custody, will face court again in November.

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