Greta Thunberg Hits Back At 'Low Blow' From Andrew Bolt

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has hit back at columnist Andrew Bolt after he labelled her "deeply disturbed", "freakishly influential" and "strange".

The column, published in News Corp papers on Wednesday, ridiculed the 16-year-old's global campaign around climate change, dismissed her followers as cult members and mocked her autism diagnosis.

But on Thursday, Thunberg returned fire, calling out such "hate and conspiracy campaigns" while turning Bolt's insult, labelling her "deeply disturbed", back on him.

"Where are the adults?" she questioned.

The Swedish schoolgirl made headlines around the world after inspiring tens of thousands of students to walk out of class and demand more government action on climate change.

Just this week she announced plans to sail across the Atlantic in a zero-emissions yacht to attend a UN summit in the U.S.

She has even been nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

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Bolt took aim at her strong stance on climate change.

"She shows not the slightest doubt and forgives not the slightest compromise," he wrote. "This allows followers who are tormented with doubt and burden of freedom to relax into her totalitarian certainty."

"What is so fascinating about this Thunberg cult is not just that she’s believed so fervently even though she’s wrong," he continued, before explaining that the evidence does not suggest the world faces imminent doom.

Thunberg seemingly fobbed off these comments, posting a second tweet simply urging people to "unite behind the science".

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It wasn't just Thunberg's activism that was mocked by Bolt, he also repeatedly referred to her mental health throughout the column.

"I have never seen a girl so young and with so many mental disorders treated by so many adults as a guru," he wrote.

“Her intense fear of the climate is not surprising from someone with disorders which intensify fears.”

The teenager has in the past talked openly about her experience with Asperger syndrome -- a form of autism -- and sees her condition as a gift that has helped open her eyes to the climate crisis.

While Thunberg appeared to have taken Bolt's opinion piece in her stride, Twitter users have not been as forgiving.